06-08-19 Lifetime Single Owner Firearms Auction

06-08-19 Lifetime Single Owner Firearms Auction


*Special No In-House Buyer’s Premium Auction*

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Preview Friday, June 7, 3-6 PM

Modern~Tactical~Sporting~Cowboy Action


Highlights to include: Colt Anaconda, Cobra, Peace Keepers, 1911’s, Smith and Wessons, Broom Handle Mauser, Glocks, Kimbers, Springfield XD’s, Taurus, High Standard, Mausers, Pepper Box, Browning Buck Mark, Walthers, Ruger Blackhawks,  Vaquero’s, Bear Cats, Red Hawks, SR9, Security Six, Rare Collectors Club Edition, Remington R1922’s, Mossberg Brownie, Meeker Mod. 1925 30-06 (1 of less than 200 known), Winchester High Wall 32-40, Steyer Rifles, Sako’s, Pre ’64 Winchesters, Remington Rolling Block, Spencer Saddle Ring Carbine, Winchester Mod. 1894’s, 1892’s, 1873’s, Special Edition Model 94’s, British  Tower Musket, Springfield Trapdoors, M1Garands,  Anschutz Rifles, Ruger M77’s, Remington 700’s, AR15’s, Marlin Lever Actions, Springfield 1816 Musket, Fox Sterlingworth Shotguns, Over Under Shotguns, Ithaca Shotguns, Double Barrels, Browning  BLR,  Savage Rifles and Shotguns, Weatherby’s Mosin Negants.

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