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Saturday, October 23, 2021 9am Live & Online

615 Hereford Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Preview: Wed. October 20th & Fri. October 22 • 12-4pm

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Tractors: Allis Chalmers, Model G Serial # 15903, Built 1949, with Disc Plow, Restored 2020, New tires on rear, Runs good;  Allis Chalmers, Model B Serial #25746, Built 1939, with Plow and Drawbar, Restored 2000, All new tires, Runs well;  Allis Chalmers, Model G Serial #3740, 1948. 90% rubber, has 2 row corn planter with fert attachment, after market live hydraulic, motor runs very good, Restored 2020;  WC, Serial # 67785, Built 1938, Pretty much original, Drawbar was reinforced for pulling, Runs good;  WC # 114693, Built 1943, Has #33 mounted picker, picker funs but I never picked with it;  WC #69568, Built 1938, with a round bale loader, mount on loader and tractor runs but gas tank leaks, a little TLC would be good;  WC #95282, Built 1940, Tractor runs but needs some work, like new 11″ x 42″ tires; Allis Chalmers RC #2231. Built 1939, Original, Runs very good; Allis Chalmers UC #1664, Built 1935, Allis Engine, Vortex Air cleaner runs, has anti-freeze in but block seeps when hot, was repainted 2013;  Allis Chalmers WF #6565, Built 1949, Older restoration, Runs good;  Allis Chalmers CA #37567, Built 1956, New paint 1997, Engine was gone over, new clutch, Runs really good, Snap coupler;  Allis Chalmers WD #26726, Built 1949, with TempleTON loader, Restored 2015, 12 volt Bat runs good;  Allis Chalmers WD-45 #175994, Built 1954, Has live hydraulic with pump up front and 419 Loader, 2 Buckets;  Allis Chalmers WD-45 #227089, Built 1956, Repainted 1999, Runs very good;  Allis Chalmers WD-45 Diesel #203473, Built 1955, Restored 1995, went over the whole tractor, Rubber 50%; Allis Chalmers D-10 Series II #3865, Built 1962, Power shift wheel, fair paint, runs good, Tires 75%;  Allis Chalmers D-12 Series II #5770, 1963 Model, Industrial yellow with L-99 Loader, all new tires, new gauges, steering wheel, seat, Runs good;  Allis Chalmers 170 Gas #1218, Built 1970, Tricycle Front, 3 Pt hitch, showing 7885 hrs, 16.9 x 28 tires, good tractor; Allis Chalmers D-15 Diesel #2079, Built 1961, Restored 2017, all new tires, new seat, steering wheel, snap coupler;  Allis Chalmers D-19 Diesel #1819, 1967 Model, Restored 2019, Rebuilt hand clutch, new seat, steering wheel, showing 1676 hrs;  Allis Chalmers 185 Diesel #4729, Built 1974, Went over the whole tractor, new tack, good engine, fix the trans, doesn’t jump out of gear, 18.4 x 30″ tires 35%;  Allis Chalmers 190 Diesel #8138, Built 1965, Pretty much original, narrow front, foot clutch will slip on a hard pull, bar grill, pie weights, 50% rubber, showing 4330 hrs;  Allis Chalmers 210 #1012, Built 1970, Has 3500 Strong engine, 20.8 x 38″ Firestone tires, 90%, showing 3915 hrs;  Allis Chalmers 8050   #1424, Built 1982, Restored 2015, 12 speed power shift, 3 Hyd outlets, new air seat, cab interior, new air condition, front slab weights, inside weights on rear wheels;  Allis Chalmers 8070 #3339, Built 1984, Restored 2010, 12 speed power shift, new air seat, air cond components, 4 new tires, cab interior, 3 hyd, front weights, runs and operates well, showing 7713 hrs;  Allis Chalmers 7580 #2018, I bought it new 1978, 4 wheel prt, power director, 20 speed trans, quick hitch, 20.8 x 38 50%, Good air seat, showing 4886 hrs, AC works well;  Cockshutt 20 Serial #166, 1952 Model, Good engine, early restoration, has     12 X 25 40% tires, 3 pt hitch;  Cockshutt 30 #31134, 1951 with nice set of cultivators, early restoration, has original Coop tires but they are in poor condition, Runs well;  Cockshutt 50 #10163, 1955 Model, Stationary Wide, Front restored 2000, Runs well, 18.4 x 34 tires;  Cockshutt 35 Deluxe #1109, 1956 Model, Restored 2017, 16.9 x 34, Tires 20%; Cockshutt 540 #AP1078, 1961, New tires, Older restoration, Had engine rebuilt, 3 Pt hitch; Cockshutt 550 #BR1399, 1962, Restored in 2003;  Cockshutt 560 #CO7343, 196 Perkin Diesel, Runs good;  IH F-12           #FS120352, 1938 with cultivators, Tractor runs; Allis Chalmers Gleaner E. Combine #11083, 1965, has 2 heads, 10 ft grain, 2 row corn, Runs well, I used it to harvest wheat, has 226 cubic inch gas engine. Special Feature: Allis Chalmers Single Front Wheel C, SN C24248, Built 1944, from the Eastern States AC Collectors Assoc.

Equipment: Allis Chalmers Table blower, belt driven as is;  Allis Chalmers 110 Front unloader manure spreader, complete restoration 2017, like new, good tires, Allis Chalmers #480, Hopper blower, restored 2018, new paint;  Allis Chalmers #11B, Pull Disc Harrow, Restored, ready for field;  Allis Chalmers #80R, Snap coupler, sickle mower, new paint, ready to work;  Allis Chalmers Bridge Hitch to pull Crimper behind, 80R mower;  Allis Chalmers Hay crimper, restored with Hyd cylinder;  Allis Chalmers 80S, Side Mount Sickle Mower for D-Series, Snap Coupler tractor, everything there to mount;   Allis Chalmers 2-Bottom Disc Plow, new paint;  Cockshutt E112, 2-Bottom Rope Trip Plow, rubber tires;  Allis Chalmers 1-Bottom Rope Trip Plow, steel wheel;  Allis Chalmers 2-Bottom Rope Trip Plow, steel wheels; Allis Chalmers Snap Coupler Sub Soiler; Allis Chalmers 2-Bottom Snap Coupler Plow; Allis Chalmers 4- Bottom Snap Coupler Plow; Allis Chalmers Rear Blade with Factory Extensions, Snap Coupler; Allis Chalmers Snap Coupler Ground Scoop, new paint;  Allis Chalmers           #84, 4-Bottom Semi Mount Plow, Snap Couper;  Allis Chalmers #53, 3-Bottom Snap Coupler Plow;  Allis Chalmers 3 Pt Hitch, Rear Blade, 8′ wide, new paint;  Cockshutt Fertilizer Distributor, steel wheels;  Allis Chalmers #40, All crop combine with pickup att, new paint, P.T.O. Bagger works well, 3 ft cut;  Allis Chalmers 780, 1 row Forage Harvester, works but I never got it restored;  Allis Chalmers Round Baler, bales nice but I never restored;  Allis Chalmers 2 row, rear mount cultivator, snap coupler;  Allis Chalmers 2 row, corn planter, snap coupler, painted, ready to plant;  Allis Chalmers Snap coupler field cultivator;  Cockshutt 12A 3-Bottom Trailer Plow, needs Hyd Cylinder to operate, new rubber tires;  Cockshutt #30, Plate Mill, belt driven, restored, new paint; Cockshutt #135-T 2 Row Pull Type Corn Planter;  Allis Chalmers         Crop Carrier Silage Wagon, works, original paint on 505, AC Gear; Red Cross Belt Driver Corn Sheller, restored, new paint;  Coby Wagon Coby Wagon gear with wooded flare box, both painted;  Coby Wagon Coby Wagon gear with David Bradly flare box, restored;  Allis Chalmers AC model SB 2524 Walk Behind snowblower, as is;  Allis Chalmers AC 22″ 3.5 HP self-propelled walk behind mower, as is;  New Holland Belt driven, corn sheller.

Antique Machinery:  Gruber Wagon built by Gruber Wagon Works, Mt. Pleasant, PA  It’s an 18 foot flat bed.  I restored the wagon.  #533 MFG 1908;  Wooden Wheel Wagon with Hay Ladder, restored, orange;  Wooden Wheel Wagon with Hay Ladder, restored, red;  IHC Heavy Wooden Wheel Wagon Gear with Reber Grain Box, Built in Salunga, PA, restored, nice;  New Idea Gear New Idea Gear with Grain Box, older restoration;  Cockshutt Cockshutt Peerless Dump Rake, very nice;  IHC 8 Foot Grain Binder, works well, ties well, used it the last 18 years, original, not painted;  IHC  Ground Drive Corn binder, used it every year, original;  Frick Rosenthal Husker Shredded, works well, been restored, has all new belts;  Frick #8820 Thresher 28 x 47, Works very well, used it the last 18 years at our Field Day;  Ann Arbor Model 40 Baler 16 x 18, restored, new blocks;

Misc. Coop #3 Hay Loader, very original, works, used;  Wooden Wheel Wagon with Hay Flats, 16 spokes, front wheel 14 spokes, rear wheels kind of unique;  Wooden Wheel Wagon with Hay Flats; 5 Bundles of Bale Wire;  Front 3 point Hitch, was on AC 7030 but will fit other tractors;  2 sets slab weights for front of D-series tractors; 3 sets of engine weights, fit D-10, d-12, B-C, CA; Polaris 440 Snowmobile; Polaris 340 Snowmobile; Allis Chalmers Garden Tractor Big 10 with snowblower, mower and cab, engine is loose but hasn’t run for 8 years; Wiard Number 16 Plow; Horse Drawn Corn Planter; Horse Drawn Row Marker; Horse Drawn Cultivator; Wiard  Wiard Plow Co. #106; Syracuse Plow #362, Oliver Wooden Bean Plow; Horse Drawn Score 2 Row; No 40 SB Oliver Plow; Lynchburg Slat Bot Plow; Wiard #80 Plow; Syracuse No 20 Plow 1878; Love Joy 2 Way Plow; Cockshutt #21 Plow; Planter Jr Planter with Seed Disc’s and Marker; Original Pioneer Signs; Original Pioneer Sign of Fed Cattle; Mountville 2 Hole Sheller Corn Sheller; Buck 2 Hole Sheller made in Elizabethtown, PA; IHC 1 Hole Corn Sheller; Buck 2 Hole Sheller made in Elizabethtown, PA; IHC 1 Hole Corn Sheller; 500 lb Platform Scales; 1000 lb Platform Scales; EI5B EISB Coop Sickle Bar Mower; EI5AS EI5AS Coop Sickle Bar Mower; 1980 Mack Truck Tractor 300 Engine, 6 speed trans, wet line, all new tires, runs good;     2 sets rear wheel weights for Cockshutt; 2 sets rear wheel weights for AC; Front wheel weights inside and outside.

Auction for: Dave Becker


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